• Slaughter "Not Dead Yet" LP

About five years after their seminal third demo “Surrender or Die”, Slaughter were no more. The band had released their first album “Strappado”, a masterpiece of deadly thrash in its own right, and main man Dave Hewson moved on to form a new group under that very name. A significant line-up change with the addition of a second guitarist resulted in “Not Dead Yet”, an album put out independently on tape and later fittingly re-issued under the old moniker – because it´s nothing less than a logical progression from Slaughter´s early sonic adventures. “The situation was very different back them”, remembers Dave. “New members had come into the fold, and while we were still very heavy, the music developed into a more technical thrash metal style.” Eventually, the 35 minutes the four-piece churned out were not unlike what their countrymen Sacrifice managed with their classic full-length “Forward to Termination”. However, the Slaughter signature was still there, albeit in a more refined guise. Bangers such as the explosively short ´Flake´, the playful ´Time Warp´ and the breakneck speed metal ´Astral Projektor´ show a remarkable degree of sophistication while remaining as uncompromising as ever. With regards to “Not Dead Yet”, Hewson favours “the title track and´Telepathic Screams´, but since we are no longer active as Slaughter today, we are super excited to get to re-release our contribution to the formative years of this music we all love so much!” Speaking of which, the album was a product of its time and remains timeless as such; after all, the scene ramped up their game in every respect on an international scale, and these tunes are a vivid reflection of that fact. “Having been released on cassette only, they deserve a proper, respectful release”, Dave stresses. “Now they will get the attention they deserve thanks to the amazing people at High Roller Records!”

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Slaughter "Not Dead Yet" LP

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Tags: 12.01.2021