• Samael "Medieval Prophecy: Demos 1987-1989" LP + Booklet
  • Self released on the band's own label, Necrosound. 
  • Comes with high quality gatefold jacket
  • 12" booklet
  • 180 gram heavy vinyl. 

Finally the band came to their senses and reissued their demos on vinyl format! The compilation includes their essential demos and EP from Samael's early black metal beginnings. This is a document of a time and place when black metal wasn't synonymous with Norway. Samael took the templates from Hellhammer (their country men) and Bathory, and created a new brand of mid paced black metal that remains unmatched to this day.  Needless to say, this is essential purchase for anyone remotely interested in the development of the black metal genre. 100% blind buy all day long!  

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Samael "Medieval Prophecy: Demos 1987-1989" LP + Booklet

  • $30.00

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