• Nihil Nihil Nihil "Dance the End" MC

Nihil Nihil Nihil delivers heavy post-punk paeans that pierce straight into the heart of the rotten 2020s. With their four-track debut EP the enigmatic Berlin duo created their very own brand of sonic darkness: driving esoteric anthems with a sense of finality: inward-bound yet expressive. On Things Fall Apart As They Shall (recorded inevitable months of February and March 2022), visceral guitars meet haunting baritone vocals, sparse but captivating melodies, and a throbbing rhythmic pulse; atmospherically dense yet energetic, with a musical complexity that is rarely found in modern post-punk. Astral quivering in empty gateways In perpetual impermanence the end is now First and last interject full circle Spiraling the primal hour has come Seconds to one, all and none To Death to the Death

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Nihil Nihil Nihil "Dance the End" MC

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Tags: 06.01.2022