• Velo Misere "Monomanía del Inexorable Vacío" LP

Featuring current and former members of such elite Spanish hordes as Aversio Humanitatis and Primigenium, VELO MISERE is a conglomeration of ancient energies and uncompromising arrogance. The band released their first demo in 2017 and then an EP the following year, but Monomanía del Inexorable Vacío marks VELO MISERE’s first full-length strike. Totaling seven songs across 39 minutes, Monomanía del Inexorable Vacío sparkles into being with shimmering hysteria and ethereal dread. VELO MISERE undeniably sound like an actual band here, playing with a passion and possession that’s palpably physical, and yet they equally sound like conduits for sine-waves of grim splendor and medieval misery; more often than not, sensations of levitation are invoked. Likewise, black metal is undeniably the medium for such, with much of its construction laid upon a foundation of late ‘90s-onward archetypes, but so sinuous and seamless is VELO MISERE’s craft that no specific era nor geography can be gleaned with ease; it could be 1998 or 2018 for all we know, only that utter immersion is guaranteed. Ghouls, ghosts, and garish perversions of the night all crawl from these dungeons… VELO MISERE carry the torch and lead you onward into Monomanía del Inexorable Vacío.

Velo Misere "Monomanía del Inexorable Vacío" LP

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Tags: 02.02.2022