• Sněť "Mokvání V Okovech" CD

Recorded during late 2020, Mokvání V Okovech is everything a first SNĚT full-length should be: utterly CRUSHING, grimy 'n' ghastly DEATH METAL of a most mandatory order. Drenched in absolutely head-caving production, each tendril of sickness and slime enwrap the listener and refuse to relent. The deft shifts between mid-tempo lurch and up-tempo gallop lend an aspect that’s catchy as it is hypnotic, with dread-inducing melodies often bubbling up from the primordial muck. Likewise, when the doom hits, it hits HARD, pushing that listener deeper into the abyss and inspiring nightmares anew. Across the album’s swift, nearly 30-minute runtime, SNĚT proudly uphold the banner of death metal, nodding to Autopsy, Funebraru & Undergang but definitely putting their own ugly stamp on this enduring artform. Graced with hauntingly psychedelic cover art courtesy of Tomáš Mitura, perfectly matching form with content, SNĚŤ deliver one of the year’s deadliest death metal debut albums with Mokvání V Okovech!

Sněť "Mokvání V Okovech" CD

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Tags: 11.01.2021, Blood Harvest Consignment