• Indignation "Words of Deceit" Demo

In the very late 80's Indignation was formed by Matt Hernandez, Mike Hernandez and Carl Snyder. Taking influences from bands like Sadus, Necrovore, Possessed, Morbid Angel and Slayer. The band set out to go down this extreme path. John Zarate was then recruited to handle drums. Zarate lost interest and bailed not to soon after. Javier Villegas, ex Necrovore and Hellpreacher, was brought into the fold next on drums. Javier lasted for a while, but had family commitments so he left the band. The band was on the hunt for a drummer again. Enter Louie Carrisalez. Louie had just left Devastation and was looking for someone to jam with. The band was able to really gain momentum with this move. The band started playing live more and crafting it's sound. The band entered the studio to record it's 1st demo "Words of Deceit" in 1991. The band recruited bass player Gideon Hasty for the recording. Matt was solely doing vocals now. After the release of the demo, Gideon is out of the band. Carl leaves the band next. The band continues on, but this ends the era of the early days of Indignation. New members join and new recordings are made. That is a story for another time.

Indignation "Words of Deceit" Demo

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