• Pénombre "Méphistophélès (ou le diable sur terre)" LP

It could take some times (2-3 weeks) before shipping. Each time, we have to deal with a large amount of orders. You will receive a confirmation email when we ship. Thanks for your patience. Pénombre performs ancient sounding black metal inspired by Polish and Norwegian classics. Their cryptic black metal is tainted by an aura of traditional heavy metal and occult diabolical myths. Drawing their lyrical inspiration (in French) from the darker aspect of the New Testament, Pénombre will embrace your soul and drag it to the depths of Hell. Demo originally released by Tour de Garde In 2017. IP left the band since then, but their first full length is to be released pretty soon on Goatowarex.

Pénombre "Méphistophélès (ou le diable sur terre)" LP

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Tags: 11.01.2021