• Lord Mortvm "Diabolical Omen Of Hell" Digipak CD

Hailing from Norway, LORD MORTVM is a mysterious new entity that plays unapologetically dark, drugged-out, and Satanic black-DOOM. The band’s debut album, Diabolical Omen of Hell is aptly titled, for it is indeed both totem and portal, journey and also destination. This beginning is your END. Over Diabolical Omen of Hell ’s 40-minute runtime, many moods and nuances become apparent as the album rides inexorably through that atmospheric vastness. The LORD is very experienced and a master of his craft; not a moment is wasted, and each note is carefully placed and assembled for maximum impact and invites the deepest contemplation. Yes, these are songs for thinkers, whether they are catalysts for internal introspection or external philosophical reflections. They are almost phrases, and they are delivered holistically to sculpt not just a collection of songs, but an immersive proof of an entire album, ebbing and flowing and taking us through the cerebral seas of misery and death. Hope for the sweet salvation of the deliverance of death, then, and be swallowed by the black (w)hole of LORD MORTVM’s Diabolical Omen of Hell!

Lord Mortvm "Diabolical Omen Of Hell" Digipak CD

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Tags: 11.01.2021