The album "Hartwold" (Old English Hart-Stag, Wold-Woods) is inspired by a journey down old paths through ancient woods and meadows to where a great stag dwells. All of the songs on the Hartwold album are original Hagathorn compositions except the song Krummavísur, which is a traditional Icelandic song/poem with added Hagathorn compositional arrangements.

The original Krummavísur folk song/poem is about the hardships faced by a raven trying to find food and shelter during the dark cold harsh winter months on Iceland.
Hagathorn (Old English/Norse for "Hawthorn") is a folk music project inspired by bewitching northern nature, folklore, and historic poetic landscapes such as old hedges, farms, fields, and forests.
Harkening back to an aesthetic from days past, Hagathorn's unique sound is derived from an emphasis on using historic European/Scandinavian instruments.
Through historic and original folk compositions and arrangements Hagathorn brings to life the feelings and emotions from forgotten times that are still alive within us just waiting to be awoken.
Thank you for helping keep the bewitching aesthetics of old nature, folk music, folklore, and the past alive by supporting Hagathorn.

Hagathorn "Hartwold" Digipak CD

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