• Baphomet "Baphomet" LP

Originally formed in 1985/86 in the Salt Lake City area Baphomet are a virtually unknown entity for many. Their first official output was the 1987 self titled demo now long buried and forgotten. In 2010 Slaughterhouse records reissued the recording on CD along with an extra newly recorded song under the title Children of Doom to round out the release. This, the first vinyl version of the demo will include only the four original demo tracks CHILDREN OF DOOM/EVIL WITCHERY /SATANIC FEAST/NECROMANCY.

Thirty minutes of the most virulent,satanic metal of death from that period. For old maniacs who live for the old sounds of pre Altars of Madness Morbid Angel, Poison,Profanatica and the Necrovore Demos.

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Baphomet "Baphomet" LP

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