• Moonblood "Taste Our German Steel" LP

The second German black metal studio album that was nearly impossible to get on vinyl until Iron Bonehead was nice enough to repress it for us.  

"What happens to me when the moon shines Which morbid longing is tormenting me That greed for blood, so fresh and still warm That lust to creep through the nocturnal forest Hunting to satisfy my mysterious greed Ah... that pain I can't stand it anymore I must go out: in the night Cold winds whip my naked skin When I enter the freezing darkness But the hunger forces me out Out in the streets, I take in the scent Bloodlust under frozen skies My teeth want to rip the victim's flesh And my tongue wants to taste the juice of life Ah... what a great feeling! The odor of death is for what I'm living for My nocturnal howling under the grey moon Forces of unnatural silence over the night Embraced by lycanthropy's spell: The eyes of my victim are still opened Distorted because of the horror they saw in the end There is no mercy in my wolf heart Only that magic, which forces me out at night."

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Moonblood "Taste Our German Steel" LP

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