• Korpituli "As Infinite Shadows Of The Nightsky" LP

Remastered for vinyl, and now available to order from the band and label websites, the new edition of 2022 Korpituli album, As Infinite Shadows Of The Nightsky adds an even richer luminosity to these mystic old school black metal hymns. Inspired and in thrall to the peak of 90’s melodic rawness, the flagship project of Finnish artist S.Korpituli (whose works should be no stranger to regular visitors to the channel) is a fittingly singular vision of focus and discipline, brought into even more vivid life in this version. While the ghosts of Satyricon, Burzum, Emperor and rarities of the Finnish scene that this label has been releasing, haunt these tracks, the hypnotic rippling riffs, galloping rhythms, vocal performance that raises the dead from the earth through its deep incantatory chanting and primal snarling, and the swirling atmospheric mists binding all together occupy a distinctive space in the black metal lineage.

Korpituli "As Infinite Shadows Of The Nightsky" LP

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Tags: 06.01.2024