• Nargaroth "Prosatanica Shooting Angels" LP

(Borrowed from Metal Archives, written by mpvanriper)

This time we’ll look into Prosatanica Shooting Angels, another misunderstood album by the all too often misunderstood Kanwulf. First off, this was not meant to be a Nargaroth album, but a side project in which the author decided to include several jokes, the most obvious probably being the “NO DARK THRONE FAN” inscription on the back of the LP jacket. This happens to be a reference to Fenriz being known for some time to get pissed when they spelled Darkthrone as 2 words instead of 1, not meaning that he hates the Norwegian duo, but just as a joke. The mixing of this record is unappealing to most people for the complete lack of bass presence, because it doesn’t sound “pretty”, it actually give you a earache if listened to with headphones from start to finish at full volume, very bleak. This should have no effect on the music itself and actually helps strengthen the vibe, that wonderful vibe of passion that unleashes the deepest and darkest emotions... Written in the highest BM tradition, PSA has a track structure. Instrumental/ambient, 2 songs, instrumental/ambient, 2 songs , and instrumental/ambient with 2 song in which the later track has a short outro attached to it at the end. There’s plenty of references to the actor Dennis Hopper throughout the record, voice clips of him from different films I suppose. It leads you into a dark world of wildest imaginations that’ll give you goose bumps with the riffing and occasional sound effects. All good riffs, memorable, played in a bleak fashion, creating desolate and chilly sound-scapes full of despair and sheer un-released hatred which has been locked for a long time. The vocals sound desperately depressed in a manic crisis probably influenced by a temporal altered state of reality with lots of echo effects. The album is guitar lead, the bass being present only in the background but being stripped away of its power and characteristic decibels and frequencies by the production. The drums do their job properly, nothing outstanding, although you won’t hear the snare in the fast parts. Lyrics wise, and much contrary to what the title suggests, it’s not your typical anti-religious bm lyrics. They are mostly insightful and personal, misanthropic and in some cases hilariously disturbing. Songs about going out to hunt people with a riffle and getting a hard-on before pulling the trigger. Religious criticism in reference to the denial of god proclaiming that heaven and hell are in truth here on earth by stating all the evil and “satanic” things are already here. Extreme devotion towards the genera the band plays. A reference to John Milton’s Satan in the poem “Paradise Lost”, and so forth. This record is among the angriest offerings in Nargaroth’s catalog, with the same artistic approach as always, played in a bleak way. All this, of course, if you manage to tolerate the extremely thin production.

Nargaroth "Prosatanica Shooting Angels" LP

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Tags: 05.01.2023