• In The Woods... "Isle of Men" LP

From an era when different winds blew... Official re-issue of the classic 1993 demo, mandatory for any fanatic into (early) black metal!

(Review excerpt borrowed from Metal Archives by robotiq, November 4th, 2020)

Before they became progressive metal stalwarts, In the Woods... were a standard Norwegian black metal band with some prog-rock influences. Released in 1993, "Isle of Men" is the band’s second demo, following a savage rehearsal/demo a few months earlier. By the time it was recorded, In the Woods... were already introducing sombre, mellow aspects to counteract the black metal fury. The resulting music was less intense than most Norwegian black metal of the time. It foreshadowed the band's future ambitions to make more expansive music, but it didn't hint at how far the band would eventually take these ideas.

In The Woods... "Isle of Men" LP

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