• Death Vanish "Hermitic Fire" MC

Formed in 2017, DEATH VANISH is a solo project of Valder from the band One Master. Playing select live shows with a full lineup, the songwriting and all instruments on the recorded material is performed by Valder. Since the project's formation, two EPs and a split have been released - and now , four years after the last one, arrives a new EP titled Hermitic Fire. Compared to his other ongoing musical endeavors, DEATH VANISH explores Valder’s interest in the more primitive side of black metal expressed by bands such as Beherit and Profanatica. And yet, there's plenty of other nasty ingredients lurking within that cauldron, as evidenced by this latest Hermitic Fire. More diverse overall and yet also more focused, Hermitic Fire shows DEATH VANISH as true pervertors of black metal, here incorporating a deathrock side - subtle, but still pronounced - and a general air of unorthodoxy that drives deep into the heart of black metal's earliest antagonists. As such, all sides of DEATH VANISH are displayed here: from the furious simplicity of the opening track "Conquer With Solar Might," to the awkward riffs and remedial keyboards on the unabashed homage to Beherit "From Down There," to the ritualistic channeling of Big Boss in "Old Magick and Tyrant," to the final two more headbanging tributes to Profanatica. Altogether, it's 24 trend-free minutes bound to amaze and confuse in equal measure - simultaneously archaic and fuck-you fresh - and Valder, naturally, wouldn't have it any other way. Following the release of Hermitic Fire, DEATH VANISH will return to the stage with limited live performances. Only true deviants need apply.

Death Vanish "Hermitic Fire" MC

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Tags: 08.01.2023