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Finally, Carheart is available on vinyl again. The outlandish threesome's debut, originally released on cd by Jester Records in 2003, and later on vinyl by Duplicate in 2009, remains a fan favourite with its unheard of mixture of Czral's trademark dissonant riffs and alien vocals, Plenum's rollercoaster-gone-bad bass excursions and Einz' infectious grooves. All seasoned with a healthy dose of Monty Python'esque imagery and absurd darkness.

In conspiracy with Duplicate Records, Nuclear War Now! is honored to announce the reissuing of the first three Virus (Norway) albums, “Carheart,” “The Black Flux,” and “The Agent that Shapes the Desert,” on vinyl LP format.  As a somewhat distant but still closely musically-related descendent of Ved Buens Ende, the music of Virus bears a somewhat more striking similarity to “Nothingface”-era Voivod than it does its black metal antecedent.  With its generous reliance on an almost mechanized sequencing of dissonant chords and riffs, in confluence with a predominantly bass-driven backdrop, Virus draws an unmistakable influence from Voivod’s more experimental, post-thrash period.  At the same time, these recordings exude a darkness that also resembles the prominent involvement of the band’s mastermind, Czral, in Ved Buens Ende, whose vision of black metal already contained traces of a genre-breaking evolution in the mid-1990s.  The combination of these influences results in a series of recordings that straddle the boundary between second-wave black metal and one of its early offshoots.  In deference to Duplicate Records, the band’s own label, the following descriptions of each album are offered:

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Virus "Carheart" Digipak CD

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Tags: 03.01.2021