• Battalion of Eternity "III" Demo (GoatowaRex)

Rising from the depths of the weeping lake, rusted mace and chains in hand, comes forth the Russian Battalion of Eternity with its own expression of magick metal, a psychedelic infusion of doom rock and dungeon synth. III is the third full-length incantation Battalion of Eternity have unchained, continuing its crusade of previous incantations and ramping up the grooving synth guitar landscapes tenfold and cutting down all in its path with a host of; fuzzy melancholic riffs, vintage rock composition, driving percussive pummelings, proggy synth passages, electronic sound supplementation, hallucinatory fantasy thematics and a shimmering modern production. A fantastical foray into the euphoria of eternal freedom, Battalion of Eternity are sure to send heads spinning into the ether with their magick metal soundscapes, decapitated grins spiralling into the cosmic waves of astral wood weald. “The Piglet Knights and Piglet Wizards were a secret society, their magical world covered in darkness and riddles. They were sworn to protect the realm of their mystical world. They were masters of all kinds of magical arts. They could use their magical abilities to heal the sick, protect the innocent, and fight off any evil. That magical world was full of mystery and adventure. Everywhere they went, they encountered strange creatures, magical artifacts, and mysterious portals. They had to use their wits and skills to solve the puzzles and uncover its ancient secrets. No one knew the true extent of the Piglet Knights and Piglet Wizards' magical world. But one thing was certain, it was full of mystery and danger, and only the bravest of hearts could survive its secrets.”

Battalion of Eternity "III" Demo (GoatowaRex)

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Tags: 12.01.2023