• Autophagy "Bacteriophage" CD

After the wildly abhorrent existence of the band’s 2018 demo, AUTOPHAGY returns with the imminent debut album “Bacteriophage”, a series of ear-assault sonics drowned in befouled Death Metal bliss! Come 2022, AUTOPHAGY reeks of an utter flesh-consuming monstrosity like a well-oiled machine. While absolutely subterranean in nature, “Bacteriophage” also lurks deep into sewage-rotten riffs morphing in perfect syncopation with the unabating fury of the drums like a merciless blitz-storm. Bleak and putrefying undertones are apparent all over the record, where the influence and dynamics of Doom are seeping in. Engaging the adept and capable engineering prowess of Charlie Koryn (Funebrarum, Ascended Dead, ex-Skeletal Remains, etc) at Toadhouse Studios, also coming onboard for engineering and mixing duties is the illustrious producer Billy Anderson (Sleep, Neurosis, Eyehategod, Pallbearer, Bell Witch, etc) at Everything HZ. Mastered by Dave Otero at Flatline Audio (Cephalic Carnage, Khemmis, Cattle Decapitation, etc). Artwork by Marcio Blasphemator (Hellripper, Diabolical Force, Whipstriker, etc).

Autophagy "Bacteriophage" CD

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Tags: 09.01.2022