• Ordeals "Choose Death" 7"

On their debut EP "Choose Death", NYC duo ORDEALS presents a ferocious yet refined burst of melodic black/death metal. Guitar-forward in its approach, "Choose Death" casts melodic riffing over trashing mania, as well as impelling mid-tempo passages, exploring the full dynamic range of their genre. Singer Zealous Hellspell's distinctive delivery sets ORDEALS above and beyond others of their ilk, with a throaty snarl that dares the heavens to "bring your mountains down on me!" This EP invokes the anthemic power of Greek extreme metal progenitors like Varathron and Rotting Christ, and stands unrivaled and unmoving against the trends in today's extreme metal underground. “Choose Death”, the brand new EP from New York black/death metal duo ORDEALS! Featuring four brand new tracks in cadence with the hysteric paranoia of the doomsday pulse. ORDEALS have already established themselves as a rising force, sharing the stage with acts such as Acherontas, Gevurah, and Sargeist, and they also showcased their death mass at Covenant Festival in Montreal and Maryland Deathfest XVII.

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Ordeals "Choose Death" 7"

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Tags: 10.01.2021