• Avatar "Emperors Of The Night" LP

On October 31st 1994, Antwerp based symphonic black metal band Avatar released its first demo "Emperors Of The Night". The demo tape was among the very first black metal we listened to and we still do so today. That's why, exactly 29 years later, Babylon Doom Cult Records is proud to announce the LP release of Avatar's demo "Emperors Of The Night". While the production is lofi, it's also clear and powerful. Keys are used both in the background to support riffs as being put right in front of the mix where appropriate. The vocals are raw, shrieking and understandable. The music is mid-tempo most of the time with some blastbeats and doomy passages. Emperors Of The Night contains 7 tracks with a total running time of 32 minutes. The demo stands the test of time without a doubt. In fact, the style is seeing a resurgence the last few years (think Vrörsaath, Moonlight Sword, Stormkeep, ...). The audio has been skillfully retrieved from the original tape and remastered by PJ Turlinckx. The original artwork (by Peter Lodewijckx) has been revamped by Kris Verwimp with honour to the original demo artwork.

Avatar "Emperors Of The Night" LP

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