• Vort "Demo" 7"

With their first demo, VORT bring us two tracks of death metal of old. This kind of music requires true dedication, it can’t be faked and has to come straight from the heart. If not, you will fail miserably as a band. Luckily, VORT prove they carry the right spirit and have created two tracks of enthralling death metal. The production is exactly how it should be: organic drums, an old school guitar sound, roaring bass, deep growls and reverb-drenched screams. The faster parts breathe old school death metal while the less-paced parts go from atmospheric passages to slow riffs backed up by pounding drums. Unfolding before you, a Twisted Mass Of Manifold Death… 7 " limited to 300 copies.

Vort "Demo" 7"

  • $12.00

Tags: 12.01.2022