Exclusive box-set (standard version) including the four classic debut 7" re-releases of Malign, Ofermod, Triumphator & Watain on picture 7" singles. Boxset includes: -4 x picture 7" singles with original artwork cover sleeves -12 page booklet with liner-notes -4 x postcards -packed in a sturdy "lift off lid" hard-cover box limited edition of 500 copies. 

Excerpt taken from the liner notes written for the booklet: “The fanatical hysteria lying trapped in the music of OFERMOD, MALIGN, TRIUMPHATOR, FUNERAL MIST and WATAIN was not the result of simply sitting at home composing, but living for what was preached. Spreading the gospel, sacrificing all the gimmicks in favour of a more honest manifestation. To create a portal; the greatness of these visionaries was something destined to forever change the face of Black Metal. Because the individuals connected to this small circle of bands were certainly not just sitting in a safe and clean environment reading books about things already written by others – rather, the rumours of violence and sickness surrounding MALIGN or OFERMOD, for instance, still linger two decades later. The halo of danger was something felt and acknowledged, and live concerts were not places of mundane fun but instances where the Beast could feast through the impulsiveness of these young minds.” The freshness of this approach is to be seen in the complete refusal of imposed patterns, in them drawing a line on the ground and proclaiming with vigour that the Devil is the raison d'être of this music, and encompasses it, reaching even beyond. There was no place safe once one became involved in this rabid turmoil.” - Abominatio Desolationis

V/A Black Metal Terror with Malign / Ofermod / Triumphator / Watain 4 x Picture 7" Boxset

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Tags: 06.01.2023