• Black Spell "Walpurgis Night" LP

HELTER SKELTER PRODUCTIONS (distributed & marketed by REGAIN RECORDS) is proud to present a brand-new EP from Italy's BLACK SPELL, Walpurgis Night, on 12" vinyl format. Since their bolt-from-the-blue debut album in 2020, Italy's BLACK SPELL have swiftly caused a stir in the stoner doom scene. That the band honors the noble Italian roots and their homeland's rich history of both doom and psychedelic rock is a given; that they then impart their own twisted personality into such is what gives them staying power. And after two full-lengths and an EP in just two years of existence, the saga of BLACK SPELL is only beginning...and they allied themselves with HELTER SKELTER late last year for the release of their acclaimed third album, Season of the Damned, to turn that saga into legend. Of that saga, the aforementioned EP - Walpurgis Night, originally just two tracks released digitally but now buffeted to four on 12” vinyl - is the swiftest statement of BLACK SPELL's bewitching powers. That they reverentially cover Electric Wizard's paradigmatic "Doom Mantia" seems merely like a stepping board: across the other three tracks on Walpurgis Night, BLACK SPELL seek dustier and more arid realms rather than strictly dark, primordial muck. Granted, the aura of the occult will always coat everything they do, but a devilish sense of fun or at least celebration seems to guide these sonic warlocks. How can life be Hell when you've got these dope jams as your soundtrack?! To make the release of Walpurgis Night even grander, HELTER SKELTER will be jointly reissuing BLACK SPELL’s first two albums, the self-titled debut and follow-up The Purple Skull, on CD and vinyl formats with new layouts, and updated covers. Walpurgis Night will be added as bonus tracks to the CD version of The Purple Skull. Gaze into their deep purple post-haste!

Black Spell "Walpurgis Night" LP

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Tags: 08.01.2023