• Dave Phillips "Don't Hurt Me For Your Pretty" Digipak CD

There are few artists who are willing to traverse the lengths Dave Phillips is willing to go in pursuit of creative vision. The impulse to create, driven by a fundamental sense of protest, conservation, and activism, has become an uncompromising, unbridled process for Phillips. From the origins with the Schimpfluch-Gruppe Aktionist collective, to his eventual work as a solo musician, field recordings of nature consistently serve as the building blocks for several releases and live performances; with human and animal voices providing broad a spectrum sound palette since their early days. Don't Hurt Me For Your Pretty was recorded in 2014 in the Kalamoji mountains in Taiwan, in the Zhangjiaje National Park in China, as well as Panlong Longrui Nature Reserve which contains two thousand year old cliff murals, and the Shanzhai Geological Park in Western Hunan, China. The intimate familiarity with the use of site specific sound and furthermore, insect sounds, displayed on this release is simply uncanny, this is the work of a veteran artist, not a second is wasted. Everything included serves to place the listener in that exact moment in time, feel the breeze, smell the flowers, hear the animals, it's all there on the recording. Good for loud volume and repeated listening at night. This is a flagship release in an entire catalog of flagships for this artist. It is beyond our honor to present And perserve this album in a Digipack CD which includes a 12 page booklet of Phillips' photographs. Edition of 500.

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Dave Phillips "Don't Hurt Me For Your Pretty" Digipak CD

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Tags: 03.01.2021