• Voidsphere "To Infect | To Inflict" LP

After two years in the cosmic wilderness, Voidsphere return with two more tracks of unspooling mind-expanding atmospheric back metal, along with a full setoff Prava Kollektiv releases from companion artists Arkhtinn, Mahr, HWWAUOCH, and Pharmakeia. Majestic riffs build and heave themselves out of the claustrophobic rhythms; a relentless torrent of stardust that is entrancing, enchanting and terrifying in its enormity and unyielding intensity. Fans of this band will know what to expect, and will not be disappointed – newcomers are about to have their heads cracked wide open by the churning shockwaves of imploding celestial bodies.

Voidsphere "To Infect | To Inflict" LP

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Tags: 01.01.2024