• HWWAUOCH "Under the Gaze of Dissolution" LP

Atmospheric black metal of the most ghastly, disturbing and disorienting kind from the Prava Kollektiv, in the new irruption of filth from HWWAUOCH; one of the five new releases in the 2023 Prava Campaign, along with Pharmakeia, Arkhtinn, Voidsphere and Mahr. Less cosmic than other Prava bands, HWWAUOCH overwhelm the senses with claustrophobia derangement and a relentless airless demoncy. The fourth album in this project’s unyielding torment serves to ‘dissolve the final shards of existence’, and with it, as many shreds of sanity of cognitive composure the lister has remaining from the previous three cataclysms.

HWWAUOCH "Under the Gaze of Dissolution" LP

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Tags: 01.01.2024