• Necromonarchia Daemonum "Anathema Darkness" LP

Finally, after 5 demos and 7 years of existence, here is the long awaited full length of Necromonarchia Daemonium! If you're already familiar with this duo, comprised by Goatprayer Hex and Black Moon Hex, you already know what to expect. Every single characteristic of their sound is brought to a limit on this massive full length, composed by only one single massive song, plus intro and outro. After the extremely bizarre, and horror-like intro, we get to the beast of this record. "Plagued Soil the Eucharists of the Goddess of Death" is one 30 minute track done in the finest of tradition of old school Abruptum. Despite its running time, more alike the material from Abruptum's full lengths, I'd say the sound here seems mostly inspired by their seminal 1991 EP, "Evil". Although quite riff based, in a very noisy register but around the primitive Black/Doom sound of the early 90's dutch scene, the project really uses and abuses of eccentric keyboard lines that cast plague spells upon the lamb in an enchanting frenzy of cacophonous turmoil.

Necromonarchia Daemonum "Anathema Darkness" LP

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Tags: 07.01.2023