Reencarnación "Planeta Azul" CD
Crucifier "Say Your Prayers" MCD
Warloghe "Three Angled Void" CD
Slaughter "Strappado" CD
Thoth "Zamglenie" Digipak CD
Metal Onslaught "Cease To Exist" CD
Argentum "Matter Misericordiae" CD
Argentum "Stigma Mortuorum" CD
Argentum "Lucha Y Memoria" CD
Argentum "Ars Nigrorum" CD

Argentum "Ars Nigrorum" CD

Not the same recording but you get the idea:..


Sabbat "Envenom" CD (NWN Edition)

Sabbat "Envenom" CD (NWN Edition)

ANTI-GOTH 382 (Description by C. Conrad written for the vinyl version)Nuclear War Now! continues it..


Arckanum "Sviga Lae" CD
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