Wither "Wither" 7" (Sacriphyx related black doom)

Turannum Records

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Wither "Wither" 7" (Sacriphyx related black doom)

“Experience the haunting presence of Wither. Bleak and Depressive Black Funeral Doom with an unique atmosphere and distinguished Ambience. Grand malice perfectly served for your sorrow. Known from their split 12”mLP last year with Worship on Painiac Records.” / Turannum. Excerpt:  Review from Kaleidoscope #5: “This promo release includes two songs for the upcoming seven inch and one song from the upcoming full-length, and this triangle of music gives a good and interesting picture about the mystery called Wither. The EP songs take you to the bleak realm of hypnotic and depressed Black Metal, where guitars are wailing distant and tempos are taken from the dying soul’s heartbeat. Bands like Burzum and Nortt aren’t not far away from Wither’s material, but this band is not a cheap copycat: Wither adds a good doze of charming and simple guitar leads, which somehow remind me about 70ies psychedelic space rock bands – not a bad thing at all! But the third song kicks in and you find yourself in a different planet. Away are the doomish metal and screaming vocals, while the soundscape fills with angst-ridden rock riffs, clean, hallow singing melancholic atmosphere. I guess you could say this is post-BM or something but I would label this just monotonic postpunk: although you find a rocking solo in the middle of this song, otherwise it repeats a few riffs and drills its way into your consciousness – if you like stuff like this. Wither seems to be a jack of many trades and also manages to shine in these areas. Personally I will wait for the coming full-length eagerly.”

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