Absentia Lunae "In Umbrarum Imperii Gloria" LP


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Absentia Lunae "In Umbrarum Imperii Gloria" LP

ABSENTIA LUNAE (Italy) "In Umbrarum Imperii Gloria" LP 2006 Limited to 400 copies on Serpent Caput Prod. Includes Insert with Lyrics Line-up: Ildanach - vocals Climaxia - guitars Sephrenel - bass K.x.e. 19-19 - percussions Aase - additional guitars during the recording sessions Absentia Lunae is a somber creature active since 2002 and already known for the impressive debut album “Marching Upon Forgotten Ashes” released on june 2004. After very good feedbacks from the international press the CD limited to 500 copies was shortly sold-out. “In Umbrarum Imperii Gloria” is the result of the further development oF the band, finally supported but an iMpressive professional sound and a songwriting further improved they’re back to evoke their complex form of Black Metal even more twisted and impressive. Cold, deviated but in the meantime martial Black Metal as few dared to spread Absentia Lunae are today one of the few band who don’t care about the standard and amplify their instinct and will to challenge the today limited vision of this genre. Don’t expect any normalized Black Metal copycat but a summoning of strong feelings, where instinct prevails and will isn’t chained. Aggression in a weird obscure neverending vortex, not a compromise. What many dared but few achieved to unleash in a Black Metal enviroment. “In Umbrarum Imperii Gloria” is the sound of tragedy, is a dimension to reawake phantoms of inhumanity…. Extreme and uncompromised attitude with strong personality. Impressive professional sound but still cold and deep with different shading. Out of the trends of underground nor rockish Black Metal of today. Side A: 1. Occasus Professio (Fortis Cadere, Cedere Non Potest) 02.58 2. Mid Summer Spiritual Holocaust 05.21 3. Subliminal Aeternitate 05.56 4. Modern Cathedral 05.54 Side B: 5. Died Story Manifesto 05.54 6. Manipulated Statues of Flesh 05.06 download 7. Pale Lune 04.56 8. Memneso On 04.21 BAND CONTACT: medioevo76@alice.it www.absentialunae.com

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