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Sarcófago "Die... Hard!!!" 3 x MC Boxset

Brazilian Ritual Records

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Sarcófago "Die... Hard!!!" 3 x MC Boxset

. The first time officially released on tape format. 
. Limited in 570 copies
. Release by Brazilian Ritual Records under license of Cogumelo Records

Tape 1 : Die... Hard!! V.I

Side A:
01 Intro Da Satanas (1st Version)
02 Satanas (1st Version)
03 Nightmare (1st Version)
04 Third Slaughter (1st Version)

Side B:
05 Intro Da Satanas (2nd Version)
06 Satanas (2nd Version)
07 Nightmare (2nd Version)
08 Third Slaughter (2nd Version)

Tape2 : Die... Hard!! V.II

Side C:
09 Intro
10 Satanas
11 Nightmare
12 Third Slaughter

Side D:
13 Black Vomit
14 I.N.R.I. (Rehearsal)

Tape3 : Die... Hard!! V.III

Side E:
15 Christ's Death
16 Desecration Of Virgin
17 Satanic Lust

Side F:
18 Alcoholic Coma (Rehearsal)
19 Secrets Of A Window (Rehearsal)
20 Satanic Lust (Instrumental)

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