Extermination Temple "Lifeless Forms" 7"

Apocalyptic Visions

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Extermination Temple "Lifeless Forms" 7"

EXTERMINATION TEMPLE is another project from the same artist who crafts the blackened hardcore madness of Broken Cross, and while the outfit’s self-titled 2014 cassette demo was an equal mix of black and death metal, Lifeless Forms is undoubtedly overall more death metal. The creepy and twisted sound carries direct influences from old-school Swedish death metal, with elements of hardcore and experimental/atmospheric influences, and lyrics that deal with death, mental illness, and morbidity. 
(Apocalyptic Visions #5)

1. Physical Torture 
2. Dissolve into Dust 
3. R.F.O.D. 
4. Vampire of Suicide Death

Artwork and layout by Dwid Hellion. All copies pressed on red vinyl.

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