Furdidurke "Native" 7"


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Furdidurke "Native" 7"

A record from the future whose present may be forever lost-this record is cursed, to sum it all up. ‘Native’ was recorded in 2007, and now 3 years later we see that it’s energy and movement is still vibrating too fast to see, and still all too relevant. This is a guitar record like how a black metal record should be and has too many ideas jammed into its short amount of vinyl inches. It is imperfect like how great black metal demos should be, and its ideas are presented rough but so inspirational it will satisfy eternally the hard listener. The music here is much like their sole demo released years ago, however this is much more a true feat of daring. Insane melodies walk a tight rope between thought and epiphany, and they actually make it across the gap!

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