Krieg / Caina split 7" Black vinyl


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Krieg / Caina split 7" Black vinyl

A. Krieg - Photographs from an Asylum B. Caina - Anung Un Rama First new Krieg studio material since 2004! The Beast has reawakened in ‘Photographs from an Asylum’. Krieg delivers a track of beauty, structure and purpose, yet the vocals anchor this piece and render its centre static, unrelenting and confrontational. Sure to be enjoyed by fans old and new and I dare say piss of naysayers alike. Caina track here is ‘Anung Un Rama’ and for my money it’s the best Caina track ever recorded. Originally slated for a defunct compilation, this track deserved better and is well-deserving of its position here. ‘Anung Un Rama’ was recorded before current release ‘Temporary Antennae’ and is very-heavily rooted in Black Metal, a good point of reference would be SMRC-era Deathspell Omega. Available on green or black vinyl

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