Blue Hummingbird on the Left "Atl Tlachinolli" Digipak CD


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Blue Hummingbird on the Left "Atl Tlachinolli" Digipak CD
Blue Hummingbird on the Left "Atl Tlachinolli" Digipak CD


Blue Hummingbird on the Left's long-awaited debut album, Atl Tlachinolli, on CD, vinyl LP.  The union of fire and water, bringing forth the sacred war. War chapter of the Black Twilight Circle brings life once more to the forgotten words and stories of the warriors of the past. Indigenous instruments flow like water alongside the fiery force of pagan black metal. Hymns of war, odes to the lords. Hail Huitzilopochtli! Hail Tlaloc! 


Birthed into battle 
From the serpent skirt 
He who divided night 
Brought the stars down to earth 
Our supreme deity 
Master god to no other 
He who gave us strength 
To separate ourselves from other brothers 
All hail our supreme god and master 
Hail Huitzilopochtli 
Master of the Sun 
Hail Huitzilopochtli 
Under war banners blood will run 
Hail Huitzilopochtli 
Master guardian through war 
Hail Huitzilopochtli 
Under eagle we shall soar 
Golden brown eagle 
Guiding us to the lakes 
He who can harness sun rays Through the turquoise snake 
Grand solar general 
Under war banners we stand 
He who gave us orders 
Commanding the rise of Tenochtitlan 
To him we pray in time of peace and time of war 
To him we pray, all hail, all hail our god of war 

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